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POD - purpose built structure designed by Michael Cummins for JUMP film , to facilitate an immersive consistent experience throughout all touring venues.

Jump Pod

Clea came up with the idea to make a film piece that would be shown in conjunction with paintings and that they would have a common narrative thread. It was important from the beginning that we would show the piece in a way that both separated and connected the two strands.

Where possible the pod is located in the same space as the paintings. The outside is a
smooth surface of lacquered poplar plywood. The shape is inspired by traditional Japanese lunch containers. These Bento boxes are both formal and fluid; simple, stylish and practical. When we first put the pod up beside the paintings we were glad that its shape and surface seemed in harmony with the lighter elements of the canvases and
encouraged the viewer's approach to them. Meanwhile the film showing in the dark space and the elements of the soundtrack that bleed out into the gallery space resonated with other, deeper aspects of the painting narrative.

We liked the idea of a viewing space that allowed an immersive experience, and we
wanted the viewer to feel close to the film. A countdown clock invites you to enter the
cave-like space, ideally the simple single door is closed and you share the experience with a small group of people. A good blackout is complemented with a curved space to create total focus on the moving image and sound.

We hope that the combined experience of the exhibition allows the viewer to bring the film and the paintings close to each other while allowing each to live in its element. When you've seen the film the paintings have a different resonance and vice versa.

The pod is created like a set of theatrical flats and utilising that technology it can be
assembled in a few hours. Like a yurt or circus big top it can just as easily be dismantled
and moved on to the next location...

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