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Cléa van der Grijn - JUMP

Since 2008, Cléa van der Grijn’s work and practice is about unravelling the complexities associated around the culture of death, reconstructed memory and time. Memories real or imagined. Dream. JUMP is a newly commissioned body of work about understanding the rational, social and emotional circumstances constructed around time and memory.


The exhibition consists of a series of new paintings by Cléa as well as an ambitious film work written and directed by Cléa and created with collaborators Joseph P. Hunt, Michael Cummins and Ciaran Carty.


A woman stands at the edge of a pier. She wilfully jumps. Slowly she falls through water where time catches her breath. What are the memories between the transitional period of jumping and hitting the water when life becomes momentarily suspended. Alive not dead. What memories would be placed to validate existence. Memories to record. Real or perceived? Fact or fiction?


This new work was commissioned by Mermaid Arts Centre and has been funded through The Arts Council of Ireland Touring Award.

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